B2B Sales Tips for Early Stage Startup Founders

Keynote or presentation
5/30/19, 2:00 PM - 2:20 PM (EEST)
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JB has 10 years of experience in the B2B sales sector and has been increasingly more involved with VCs and accelerators in the Baltics since 2014. JB’s previous experience includes executive roles in sales divisions in several European startups, including Trustpilot, one of the most successful Danish startups.

Key sales figures:

  • Generated 10M+ USD of revenue in 9 months
  • +1000% Year to Year growth
  • Went from 4 to 600+ clients in 2 years

Key VC/acceleration figures:

  • Involved in the acceleration of 20+ startups
  • Involved in 15 VC deals in 11 companies that closed €30M+ in total funding
  • Helped 40+ founders to set up a scalable data-driven sales framework

In his keynote, JB will share his tips to go to market as cheap and as fast as possible for B2B startups!